Kairos: Wonders of the Universe is a Game Changer

Ensō Education Institute addresses education from four directions by (1) developing new curriculum models, (2) creating alternative instructional methods, (3) establishing an innovative assessment alternative, and (4) creating a more responsive educational management system. It provides the world’s most innovative, comprehensive, coherent, transdisciplinary, multi-scale framework for education, schooling, and learning.

Ensō Education Institute held a 90-minute virtual sneak peek into their educational platform called “Kairos: Wonders of the Universe” on December 9, 2020. Kairos: Wonders of the Universe is Ensō’s alternative to standardized curriculum and instruction for learners of all ages in any setting including K-12 schools, home schools, clubs and service organizations, universities, museums, summer camps and life-long learning. Ensō’s systemic approach is a coherent alternative to the standardized curriculum characterized by a lockstep scope and sequence and top-down structure. 

Participants were told how they could become a Player in Kairos to imagine, design and create a better future; a Gamemaster who serves as a mentor and leader; or Guardian who provides support and resources. 

The Kairos curriculum is three approaches in one: (1) an innovative take on traditional classroom instruction that teaches us about the past; (2) a character building approach to  personal success in the present, and (3) a design-thinking  curriculum to solve problems in the future:

The entire three-part curriculum is not about learning and memorizing facts and figures. It is about curating the abundance of information flooding our lives and developing conceptual understanding about how everything fits together in clear, coherent systems.

Everyone is invited to become a Player or a Guardian in Kairos and get in on the ground floor of the biggest phase shift in education in two centuries when the program launches.. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, youth group leader, museum educator, or just someone who feels that education needs to catch up to the exponential changes in the world, you won’t want to miss becoming part of the future of education when it launches in January, 2021.

The introduction to Kairos ended with an introduction to Virtual Worlds and reception in Virtual Reality, one of six Base Camps the Institute has established. In addition to Base Camp VR, there will be annual events in Base Camps North Woods, Dubai, Hollywood, Orlando, and Imagination where participants will learn in natural, built, simulated, mediated, virtual and imagined environments.

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