Ensō Education Institute’s Ensō Circle Events

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The Ensō Circle is a global network of educational thought leaders providing weekly events on a wide variety of topics.

Learning doesn’t take place only in schools, and schooling doesn’t take place only in classrooms. Members of the Ensō Circle learn by going outside the classroom to learn in nature; the built environment; media, like film and video; and simulated environments like zoos, museums, theme parks, and virtual worlds.

Ensō Education Institute has created Basecamps in different environments around the world. Participants are invited to work with one or more of the Basecamps and create their own local Outpost so that there is an interconnected global network of Basecamps and Outposts across the planet. Each Basecamp has an annual in-person experience and monthly virtual events.


Basecamp Great Outdoors helps participants learn from the wisdom of nature and include the natural environment in education wherever we can find it, even if it is just a city park or a garden. The goal of Basecamp Great Outdoors is to inspire the next generation of adventure travelers who are willing to follow in the footsteps of environmental stewards. Basecamp Great Outdoors is bringing forth a cutting-edge education model by encouraging the interdisciplinary learning of multiple topics including wilderness travel, culture, education, and sustainability in real-world, hands-on settings. This platform will provide opportunities for participants to experience “the sustainable art of travel” along with the science behind traveling responsibly to improve the places in which we live.


Ensō Education Institute will be hosting a Global Education Symposium in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in January 2022, during the World Expo, where over 190 countries will be gathering to showcase the best features of global civilization. There will be monthly events leading up to and following the Symposium.


Ensō Education Institute has established Basecamp Media Worlds in Hollywood, California. We learn a great deal through media. Movies and video can take us places we might not be able to otherwise experience because they are in the past or the future, too far away, too small or too large, or too dangerous. 

Ensō Education Institute will be hosting a Global Education Symposium on June 25-26, 2022 in Los Angeles focused on mediated learning in cooperation with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.


Much learning takes place in simulated environments like museums, zoos, theme parks, and virtual reality. Virtual Reality will become one of the most prominent environments for learning in the future. Ensō is building a Basecamp in the Virtual World that will steadily grow in years to come. Ensō has established a Basecamp for spatial narratives in Orlando, Florida. Brian Collins will be hosting annual events each November at Disney World in Basecamp Simulated Environments.


A time for the entire Ensō Circle to come together each December to celebrate the past year and look forward to the next.