The Decade of Imagination at the Ensō Education Institute

The Decade of Imagination 2020-2030 is underway after two years of planning meetings, retreats and conferences. A series of planning meetings took place in Florence, Italy and Orlando, Florida in 2019. The Ensō Education Institute was formed at the Orlando meetings to guide the work for the next decade to transform global education, schooling and learning within the next decade.

Brian Collins and Carissa Baker will continue the annual institutes in Orlando in November each year. In January 2022, there will be a World Expo Global Education Summit in Dubai.

Also in 2022, the Ensō Education Institute will convene another Educational Summit Meeting in Los Angeles, CA in conjunction with the opening of both the Academy Museum of Movies and the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts which are currently under construction.

Additional meetings, still in planning for 2023-2024, include the Lego World Headquarters Museum in Amsterdam and the Indianapolis Childrens Museum (the largest children’s museum in the world).

Work will also continue on the Kairos: Wonders of the Universe to provide a platform for 21st-century education, schooling, and learning.

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