Ensō Education at the World Expo in Dubai in 2022

A Life-Changing Adventure!

In January of 2022, Ensō Education Institute hosted a Global Education Journey to the World Expo in Dubai as part of Basecamp Built Environment.

Our goal was to fulfill the theme of the Expo, which was “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” We were part of a network of educators from around the globe, and we experienced one of the world’s greatest gatherings of cultural, scientific, and technological achievements.

We prepared for the adventure by getting an insider’s look at the Expo before we arrived. At the Expo, we helped each other experience more than we ever could on our own and had the opportunity to reflect on our experiences together afterward to make the trip a transformational learning experience beyond our imaginations. Plus, we began crafting a Global Education 2030 Blueprint that captures what we have learned about the future of education, schooling, and learning. Most importantly, we made friends we will never forget and had an experience that changed our lives.