Education 2030: Shaping the Future of Education

Are you a thought leader in education?

Do you believe that education will be a crucial factor in shaping the future?

Are you concerned that education is not keeping up with exponential changes in the world?

Join educational policymakers and thought leaders around the world beginning to draft a Global Education Blueprint 2030 that will redefine how we manage education, schooling, and learning in a volatile and uncertain future.

Why haven’t the billions of dollars invested in transforming education shown tangible results? How can education be transformed by exponential changes such as decentralized autonomous organizations, visualization and analysis of big data, storytelling, blockchain, artificial intelligence, game design, and virtual reality? How will we teach differently in 2030? How will we measure learning?

Be in the room where it happens and be a part of the creation of new paradigms for learning.

Watch for announcements on upcoming meetings.

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