Ensō Education Institute is a network of innovators interested in transforming education, schooling and learning to meet exponential changes in the world and imagine, design and create a world that works for everyone. Ensō Education Institute draws its inspiration from the classical Ensō circle representing enlightenment, strength, and universal thinking.Continue Reading

Former Walt Disney Imagineer, Brian Collins was a featured presenter at the “Education = Storytelling” at the Rosen Centre, Orlando, November 15-16, 2019 and is part of the Planning Team for the Ensō Education Institute. Brian began his fascinating and unique career as a Walt Disney Imagineer, where he helpedContinue Reading

Visual Storytelling We are excited to have young superstar, Carissa Baker, Assistant Professor of Theme Parks and Attraction Management at the University of Central Florida (UCF), join us as a Team Leader at the Ensō Education Institute. Carissa wrote her doctoral dissertation on the power of theme parks for storytellingContinue Reading

Description Join former Walt Disney Imagineer Brian Collins, Dr. Carissa Baker, University of Central Florida, and other instructors in an exploration of education as storytelling. Learn from experts in storytelling and creating interactive, spatial narratives, to transform education, schooling and learning for the 21st century. Imagine a future in which schoolsContinue Reading

We are thrilled to have Dr. Brett Taylor as a featured presenter at the “Education = Storytelling” at the Rosen Centre, Orlando, November 15-16, 2019 Brett was the founding principal at the Patiño School of Entrepreneurship in Fresno, California, a public high school built entirely around entrepreneurship. He is anContinue Reading

We are excited to add Amy Migliore, digital design teacher at Quakertown Community High School in Pennsylvania, to the presenters on Saturday at the “Education = Storytelling” professional development for educators in Orlando, November 15-16, 2019. Amy has been named Pennsylvania Art Education Association 2019 Secondary Art Educator of theContinue Reading

Kairos Launch Sprint – Sundays, June 6 – July 25, 2021, 12:00 pm ET Register here today! Do you have a passion project or a dream you haven’t yet made into reality? Join the Spring Kairos Launch Sprint to learn how to get your great ideas off the ground. MeetContinue Reading

Ensō Education Institute is planning an educators’ professional development conference at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Start making plans to join us for a look into the future of education and the world. There will be presentations, panels, discussions, work groups and hands-on workshops toContinue Reading

We are delighted to have Ray Eddy as a featured presenter at the “Education = Storytelling” at the Rosen Centre, Orlando, November 15-16, 2019. Ray will be presenting on theme parks as education, including project-based learning focused on creating theme parks and events, continuous learning through project design, and howContinue Reading

Dr. Martin Rayala is the founder of this series of professional development opportunities for educators. He is a former curriculum supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction who has taught at the elementary, middle, high school and university levels. He is co-founder of Design-Lab Schools and created an innovativeContinue Reading