Ensō Education Institute Presents Basecamp Great Outdoors 2022 Sea Kayaking the Apostle Islands Register today! This is the first! We get to work together to help shape what a Basecamp Great Outdoors experience is all about. We will rely heavily on the tried and true principles of adventure and environmentalContinue Reading

Join Ensō Education Institute for a two-day symposium at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles on June 25-26, 2022 Click here to register! Join this symposium on Connecting to Movies in Education by exploring the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on Museum Row in Los Angeles with media expertsContinue Reading


Register today! Sundays at 12:00 pm (noon) ET / 5:00 pm GMT You can have any result that you invent as a possibility for your life. Become a Pathfinder in the Kairos Pathfinder Sprint. Participants will meet virtually once a week for 90 minutes with optional group discussions, coaching sessions,Continue Reading

Basecamp Media Worlds Experience on Saturday, June 25-26, 2022 in Hollywood, California Join Ensō Education Institute as we explore Basecamp Media Worlds, one of several environments for learning (domains) in the Codex of Kairos. Basecamp Media Worlds will have monthly planning sessions and online events pertaining to movies and television. AnyoneContinue Reading

CLICK HERE for this month’s Ensō Circle Events! The Ensō Circle is a global network of educational thought leaders providing weekly events on a wide variety of topics. Learning doesn’t take place only in schools, and schooling doesn’t take place only in classrooms. Members of the Ensō Circle learn byContinue Reading

In the second part of the December 9th, 2020 Introduction to Kairos: Wonders of the Universe, Ensō introduced participants to virtual reality as part of Basecamp Sim Worlds.  Virtual World consultant, Steve Lewis and his team transported Martin Rayala, Ph.D. ,Cory Rayala and Brian Collins 💡 בנימין to a virtual campus called “Olympus”Continue Reading

Students need to have a say in what and how they learn. This is not a new concept. Indeed, John Dewey was advocating for greater student agency 80 years ago when he wrote in Experience and Education that “there is no defect in traditional education greater than its failure toContinue Reading

During this Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of the many privileges I have experienced in my life. As a white, middle-class, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied, male American, I grew up with just about as much privilege as is possible. When you add to that educational advantages, the privilege only increases. PartContinue Reading