Join us for the Kairos Design Sprint Showcase

Ensō Education Institute cordially invites you to attend a 90-minute virtual presentation of projects by the Spring 2021 cohort of the Kairos Pathfinders.

Sunday, May 16, 2021 – 12:00 pm ET

Free registration here!

You will hear from cohort members in New Jersey, California, England, Uganda, New York, and North Carolina, who are developing projects such as:

  • A social media advocacy campaign to inform voters about science misinformation
  • An online movement to inspire an equitable, regenerative, and sustainable future
  • A high school course changing the culture of learning in the whole school
  • A community and healing-centered program to uplift black and brown youth
  • A blockchain-enabled scaffold of knowledge co-created to enable AI teaching of the future
  • A high school and university initiative in Uganda by and for east African refugees
  • A global platform providing alternatives to standardized curriculum, instruction, and assessment

The Kairos Pathfinder Series is a 16-week design sprint, during which participants meet virtually once a week with group discussions and workgroup meetings in between sessions. The 16 weeks are divided into four parts called Quests with each Quest taking 4 weeks. The Quests are based on the Design Thinking process and include:

  • Quest 1 is “Question” – Identify and clarify the problem you want to solve
  • Quest 2 is “Imagine” – Brainstorm potential solutions to the problem
  • Quest 3 is “Make” – Develop a prototype of your solution to test its efficacy
  • Quest 4 is “Share” – Explain the solution in a clear and compelling manner

At the conclusion of the Kairos Pathfinder Series, participants have developed a solution to a problem that is meaningful to them at a deep level and fills a need in the world in a way that is beyond their imagination. The goal is to prepare a generation of self-aware problem-solvers who can address the biggest changes in creative potential that the world has ever seen. Kairos Pathfinders no longer need to fear change because they have the knowledge, tools, and skills to meet any challenge.

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